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Once a week, you will get an exploration into using different generative AI tools to make interesting, creative projects. The focus is on generative AI, which encompasses a large range of machine learning models used to create new text, images, videos, and music.

The purpose of this newsletter is not to talk about everything new in AI. The landscape of AI is changing very quickly, and there would not be enough space to talk about all the newest/hottest/coolest models just this year! Rather, I offer a curated collection of fun AI projects I work on in my spare time.

About Me

I’m Yennie, a machine learning engineer and AI researcher. I have worked as an AI researcher and data scientist with the University of Oxford, Deeplearning.AI, OpenAI, and the United Nations. I currently do machine learning and natural language processing work at Truveta, a healthcare startup dedicated to saving lives with data. Excited to connect and share my writing with you!

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Yennie Jun
Machine learning engineer and AI researcher exploring my curiosity of the world through creative projects